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go pink for october

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Well kids, I’m off for New York City tomorrow so that I can participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It’s my 3rd year walking in an event like this, and I’m truly looking forward to this weekend. We should have clear skies and perfect walking weather with highs in the 60′s. I just finished packing all of my things for the weekend into one of those big “I’m backpacking across Europe to find myself” style bags, which I’ll be toting on my back tomorrow from JFK into midtown Manhattan.

It’s not too late to donate to my event – I’m around $200 away from my $1800 goal now. The way I see it is that if I can sleep in a tent and walk all of those miles and use portable toilets all weekend….well, you can donate a few bucks!

surprise, give me money

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

The weekend flew by.

Saturday, we pulled off a huge surprise. Since May, my sister and I have been planning a surprise party for my mother. Saturday was the big day and it was amazing! She didn’t have a clue, and we had around 30 guests show up – everyone from coworkers to old friends she’s known longer than I’ve been alive. In addition to the friends and family who celebrated in person, we had scores of cards to give her from relatives and friends around the world. It was fun…but exhausting, and I’m done with surprises for a while.

In just over a week, I’m heading to New York City for my Avon Walk. I’m just about $400 from my fundraising goal, so how about a donation?

picture this!

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

When we moved into our house (gosh, 2 years ago already?) I decided to have photo cards made up to let people know about our move and our new address. Of course, we had gone through a 9 month process from signing the contract to moving in, so I daresay not a single person DIDN’T know about our plans – but still! They all needed to know our new address, right? Using photo cards was a neat way to show off the new place as well, so that even friends and family who don’t live in the area could see our new digs!

I was thinking about other ways to use photo cards as well and a great thought came to me. photocardEach year when I finish one of my breast cancer charity walks, I always end up with some sort of picture showing me exhausted and limping to the finish line. Wouldn’t that be a great image to send to the people that donated money to my fundraising efforts? All of the cards I found at can be customized, so if they say Merry Christmas on the inside, you can remove that and add your own message. That means I can easily turn the Valentine’s Day card (pictured here) into an Avon Walk victory card!

75% off vistaprint address labels

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

The breast cancer 3-day people are trying to win me back. They’ve spent big money wooing former walkers who haven’t signed up for the walk this year, sending out glossy mailings and even free 3-day swag! Last month I received 3-day address labels with my name and the 3-day logo on them, and this month I got an offer of 500 MyPoints if I registered for the 2008 walk.

It’s not happening, regardless of how many neat freebies they send me. I’m already signed up for the 2008 Avon walk, in hopes of trying something new and exciting. I really enjoyed walking through Philadelphia in 2006, and compared to that, the walk in the Tampa area in 2007 was a complete snoozefest. I think 2 days of walking in NYC will put me back on the right track.

However, the Avon people haven’t sent me much swag. I think I’ve got a t-shirt? Once I signed up, the wooing ceased. I can’t be expected to use my 3-day address labels to send our fundraising requests for the Avon walk, can I? I decided to order address labels online, and turned to VistaPrint, since they did such a fantastic job with the business cards I designed in the fall. They’ve got a sweet deal on address labels right now – in fact, the deal is for 75% off the regular price of address labels! Just use coupon code “BlogAddress75″ at checkout to receive your big, fat discount!

Did you know that VistaPrint can also do postcards and stamps? What a neat fundraising idea – personalized postcards AND stamps to mail to all of the folks who have supported me in the past. Or the postcards could be given out to the people who donate to use when we’re fundraising in public!

dropping you a line

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I was cleaning off my dresser, and cleaning out the dresser drawers this week, when I came across a stack of postcards. This wasn’t any normal collection of postcards – it was approximately 50 postcards I snagged from the 3-Day walk in Philadelphia back in 2006, intending to mail them to people who donated as a thank you.

You can see how well that went. I have good intentions, I just need to work on my execution. Instead of putting off the postcards until AFTER my walk, I need to take care of it before the walk, when I’m still motivated and excited. After the walk, when I’m feeling something out of Night Of The Living Dead, I’m not motivated at all to write out postcards. I’m not even motivated to get out of bed!

The thing is, since this is a charity walk, my thank you notes need to be cheap. That’s why I originally took those free cards from the first walk – they fit my budget. To send out thank you cards in advance, I need to buy cheap postcards in advance. A few months ago, I ordered business cards from, and I was thrilled with how they turned out, so I imagine I’d be just as happy with the postcards they offer. Like the business cards I ordered, you can use a stock design for your postcard, or create your own original creation. These aren’t just good for than you notes…what about a change of address? Or a postcard to promote your business? The more you order, the cheaper they are, and with prices starting at pennies per card…well, the people who donate to my walks are worth it!

this is what victory looks like

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

I returned home from the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer last night, a little worse for the wear, but on a natural high that’s hard to beat. This year was much harder than last year, with the heat and humidity. To see how we did with our fundraising in Tampa, as well as a picture of me at the finish with some teammates, visit my other blog,

I couldn’t have done it without my friend Kim. She kept me going even when I wanted to lop my feet off at the ankles and get a ride back home. We shared a bed for 3 nights, and shared a fabulous experience together for 3 days.

For now, I’ll leave you with this picture of me from my return home last night – victory is sweet!


casual for the cure

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Tying into my early post about cancer, my kids school does a really neat thing each month to support the American Cancer Society. Once a month, the kids aren’t required to wear their uniforms – they’re allowed to go casual for the day. They do need to bring in a dollar to participate in the event, and all of the money raised is donated. My kids pay the $1 out of their own money. It’s a great way to show kids how easy it is to raise money for a good cause, and I like my kids to pay their own way so they see the importance of donating money to charity.

It’s something that almost any school or workplace could adopt to make raising money for charity fun.

send a little love

Monday, August 20th, 2007

The 3-Day Breast Cancer walk is just 2 months away now! I’ve raised all my funds, I’m as trained as I’m going to get, and all that’s left to do is wait. And to remind you about sending me 3-Day mail!

Picture it – after a long day of walking in the heat, I walk into camp, exhausted. I stop to check in, and I’m handed cards and letters from all of YOU. I smile, I cry, and I’m motivated to wake up the next day and do it all again. It’s easy to send me mail during the event, but you HAVE to mail your letters, cards, and well wishes by October 5th in order to get them to me during the walk! Just use the address below to reach me – make sure you put my name on it! You can even send your letter now, and it will be held for me until the event!

3-Day Camp Post Office
c/o Colleen Caldwell (WALKER)
PO Box 5487
Sarasota, FL 34277-5487

leather photo albums

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

With another 3-Day walk coming up in just a few months, it’s time for me to start thinking about what I’ll do with the 100′s of pictures I take during the event. Last year, I bought a leather scrapbook album from a friend to put my Philadelphia pictures into. I ended up with basic black since only a few colors were offered. This year, I’m doing a bit of advance planning, and came across and their leather albums. I came across a light pink album and I think it may be “the one”! leatheralbum I’d much rather have a variety of colors to choose from, rather than having a set of matching albums in basic black. And you can personalize these albums with embossing, so I can have “Breast Cancer 3-Day 2007″ across the front, if I like. Having tried a variety of different photo albums over the years, I definitely prefer leather. It holds up better long term and the size of the albums shown here are nice and big for larger pictures, should I wish to print out a few 8 by 10′s this year. Click here to see the site’s other offerings as well – they don’t just sell pink albums – you’ll find leather and suede albums in all different colors and sizes, from small albums perfect for a grandparent gift, or big albums to fit your African safari pictures into. Why buy a leather album? As mentioned before, I think leather holds up better, and it won’t bend, split, weather, or crack. It’s extremely durable, and will offer your photos a level of protection that a regular album can’t. For you scrapbookers – each sheet is layered with acid-free paper to protect your photos!

3-day sneak peek

Monday, July 16th, 2007

Yesterday my sister and I participated in a 10 mile walk that reminded me exactly WHY I didn’t walk the 3-Day in Tampa last year – the heat! It was in the 90′s yesterday and the humidity was high. I was sweating after the first mile, and miserable after 10. I knew going into the walk that it would be hot, but it was sweltering. I can only hope for a mild October, and cooler walk weather. Not so cold that I need to walk with a mylar emergency blanket around me, as I did last year in Philly though!

Despite a nap yesterday after the walk and a good nights sleep, I’m sore today. My lower back is achy, my calves feel tight, and even my feet ache. It’s all just a taste of what’s to come in October. I remember being sore for days, if not weeks after the 3-Day. It’s all worth it though, right?

(Note to self: no more outdoor training walks!)