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March 7th, 2012

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tv + shopping = as seen on tv

November 9th, 2010

Anyone reading this that knows me is well aware of my long standing love affair with the television. Or rather, not the television itself, but the programming on the idiot box. I’m a lover of sitcoms, dramas, documentaries, reality TV and almost anything else you’ll find in your TV guide. I even love infomercials. Who hasn’t gotten sucked into watching Ron Popiel tout the merits of his Showtime Rotisserie cooker, only to realize later that you’ve just spent an hour watching an extended version of a commercial? While I try not to let that happen too much, I do appreciate and love the short infomercial. I actually stop fast forwarding through commercials for the latest color and style of Snuggie, or the Instyler, or anything Billy Mays ever sold, and I’ll admit to ordering many of the products pitched to me over the airways, such as the Smart Spin and the Urine Gone. I’m betting a lot of you have done the same.

Of course, with many folks being tight on cash this year, or simply wanting to make smart shopping choices before plunking over their hard earned dollars for the latest gimmicky thing they’ve seen on the boob tube, it’s great to have a resource that gives you the low-down on all of your favorite infomercial products BEFORE you buy. A few magazines seem to publish something like this every few months, but who wants to wait for a magazine to tell you if a product is good, or crap? That’s where As Seen on TV comes in handy. The site rates all of the “As Seen on TV” products you love and gives you reviews from REAL consumers who bought and tried the product. Yes, the reviews are from real people, not the people paid to say good things about the product on TV. There are written reviews as well as video reviews, giving you the chance to see how real people use the product. Is it really as easy as it looks on TV? Does it really work like they show on TV?

Take the Instyler for example, a product I have always wondered about. There are lots of women who tried the Instyler that love it and shared their comments with As Seen on TV, and a few naysayers who don’t like the product…but they don’t appear to have bought it either! I really enjoyed watching the videos of the InStyler in use and it really does seem (almost) as easy to use as shown in the commercials. That must be why it’s ranked #4 on the list of the top 10 As Seen on TV products. Has anyone out there tried it? Do you agree with the ranking or not?

PUSH MODELS sponsors 2010 Nite Flite Gala event

November 8th, 2010

Close to 5,000 people touched down in Scottsdale, AZ to celebrate and dance all night at the 2010 Nite Flite Gala. The Active 20/30 Club hosted the annual Nite Flite Golf Tournament and Gala held October 8-9, 2010. Over the last 19 years this get-together has become the premiere charity event in the valley. As nationwide staffing company, PUSH MODELS, recognized for it attractive and personable promo models, was proud to join the many sponsors of the event including Grimaldi’s, Cutie’s, Ra Sushi Bar, Macayo’s, and Tequila Semental to seek donations for the Boys and Girls Club of Scottsdale.

party-goers were all over Indian Plaza as live music exploded from main stage and DJs spun the hottest club music in venues like Axis/Radius and Suede. Playbills were distributed by PUSH MODELS event staff as they greeted guests and directed foot traffic. The PUSH Tequila Lounge drew an incredible amount of attention as promotional models passed out Tequila Semental samples to attendees stopping in at the booth.

Nite Flite is an annual golf tournament and gala held annually by the Scottsdale Active 20/30 club; the event’s goal is to raise funds for local charities benefitting children and has become a premiere fundraising event in Arizona. The nighttime golf tournament adds more uniqueness to the event. The primary charity partner for this event was the Boy and Girls Club of Greater Scottsdale, and past beneficiaries of Nite Flite include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the AZ Foundation for Burns and Trauma’s Children’s Burns Camp, The Devereux Foundation, Phoenix Day, and Home Base Youth Services.

PUSH MODELS was not only responsible for providing attractive, outgoing promo models for the event, the PUSH TACTICS staff sprung into action to create a step and repeat just for the Nite Flite Gala. Attendees were asked to pose for paparazzi on the red carpet in front of the PUSH Nite Flite banner as they entered the party. PUSH also designed and printed playbills to give to all the attendees informing them when and where all the important Nite Flite Gala events were taking place. PUSH MODELS was proud to be part of the event that raised a good deal of money for the Boys and Girls Club. They plan to continue their partnership with Nite Flite and the Scottsdale Active 20/30 club.

PUSH MODELS is a nationwide event staffing and full service event management company. If you are a business looking for promotional models, trade show models, street teams, brand ambassadors, or live marketing please give PUSH a call! PUSH MODELS has 8 offices across the country and are expanding at a great rate. If you are interested in owning your own agency contact them today!

the one in which i recall i have a blog

April 11th, 2010

Funny how blogging has really fallen to the wayside for me in the past year or so. I received an email reminding me this domain name was up for renewal and I figured if I’m going to pay to renew it, I might as well use it once a month.

The sad thing is, there’s really not much to report here. I’ve returned to school with the goal of getting my Masters degree and studing is a complete time suck. Well worth it of course, since I’m getting A’s in my courses, but a time suck nonetheless. The children continue to grow and it’s a bit surreal to me to have a daughter I can share shoes and clothes with…certainly we don’t share everything since some of her things aren’t appropriate for me and vice versa, but it’s nice to have a spare closet at my disposal from time to time. Work is awesome and I’ll be going on a little business trip next week to one of our new sites in Philadelphia and meeting a bunch of people in person that until now I’ve only interacted with via email and the phone.

I had the privilege to be at an amazing wedding last night and got a bit teary during all of the toasting and dancing and the general sense of LOVE filling the room from the families and friends of the bride and groom. We’ve got a family wedding coming up in a few months and last night really pysched me up for the events to come. I took home one of the centerpieces and have it sitting on my kitchen island as a reminder of what our family has to look forward to!

parlez-vous anglais?

February 17th, 2010

I’ll be using the phrase in the title will be used a lot over the coming week because Jim and I are off to Montreal in the morning! Back in December, he asked me if I wanted “stuff” for Christmas or if he could surprise me with a trip instead. Of course, I selected the trip! On Christmas morning I opened up our itinerary which includes 5 nights at a beautiful 5 star resort in downtown Montreal.

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’d want to go to Montreal for 5 days. I’m pausing here to look at the weather app on my phone. It’s currently 30 degrees and snowing there. The forecast for the remainder of the week consists of highes in the upper 20′s and snow daily. For this Florida girl, it’s HEAVEN! I can’t wait to ski, go ice skating outside, and toboggan down the hills at Parc du Mont-Royal. We’re even planning to squeeze in a side trip to Quebec City to see the sites there.

Did I mention we’re leaving our kids at HOME? Heaven, I tell you!

lending to people with less than perfect credit

January 11th, 2010

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed a little extra cash to make ends meet? Or, maybe you are looking for a small loan so that you can take a vacation or buy a special give for the one you love. Are you worried that your bad credit is going to prevent you from being able to accomplish your goals? With today’s economy, most banks have really tightened their belts when it comes to lending to people with less than perfect credit. However, there are a few online lending networks that are giving people with bad credit a second chance. One such group is Choice Personal Loans. They offer a vast variety of personal loans for people with bad credit and good credit.

While most lenders rely solely on credit reports and scores when determining whether or not to grant approvals, Choice also communicates with each applicant on an individual basis to learn what got them into their current credit difficulties. Choice listens to and analyzes the situations of each application on a case by case scenario. They understand that bad things often happen to good people and are willing to give their clients the second chance they are looking for when no one else will. You can achieve approval even if you have been previously denied by other banks and financial institutions. Financing is possible even if you have experienced a bankruptcy, foreclosure or judgment in the past. Obviously you will need to be exhibiting a current history of positive credit practiced (12 months or more) and be employed.

Once approval is achieved, a loan officer will work with you to help you develop a custom program that will get you the cash you necessitate without hurting your current budget. Loan terms range from a few months up to six years. Depending on credit rating, interest rates can range from 10% to as high as 21.24%. You can borrow as little as $100 to as much as $25,000. Besides standard personal loan programs, Choice also offers specialty loans like good and bad credit vacation loans and wedding loans.

Complete an online application today and receive a response within minutes! Get your cash within 24 hours from the time you apply via overnight, certified check or direct deposit into your bank account. It’s that easy!

bailey of strawberry plains

November 5th, 2009

bailey1When Jim and I decided on a whim to get a dog during our vacation to Tennessee back in October of 1996, we certainly didn’t think about the future and the events of this morning. We decided on a name (Bailey of Strawberry Plains for the AKC) and w focused on then “right then and now” stuff, like will this dog be good with our kids? (She was.) Will she be protective of our family and a great watchdog? (She was.) Will we enjoy having her in our lives? (We did!)

But this morning, we had to put our loyal companion and friend of over 13 years down to rest. Bailey had developed cancer in her leg several months ago, and while we were dealing with that she continued to be a loving and loyal friend who enjoyed her life. Sure, she was a little slower to get up from a seated or laying position, but she was a senior citizen. She didn’t make the trek upstairs too often, but who could blame her? She was still always happy to see us, anxious to be loved and petted, thankful of any treats or ice cubes that came her way, and her tail wagged constantly.

Over the past 48 hours, her quality of life declined. She had severe stomach issues and we saw other problems as well. Jim and I made the tough decision that it was time to let her go. Bailey rallied briefly this morning and was able to enjoy her last minutes with our kids. Jim and I drove to the vet, who was wonderful. His staff laid out a large quilt on the floor so we could sit next to Bailey and love on her. The sedative was administered and they all left the room for Jim and I to say our goodbyes. We told her she was loved and what a good girl she was. Her tail was still. My favorite vet administered the last injection, and it was over.

Thank you Bailey for being a fabulous friend and pet. You’ve made my children feel better when they were sad. You gave me the chance to exercise when you escaped from the yard and I needed to chase you down. You were patient with my babies when they poked you in the eye, pulled your tail, and climbed all over you as you tried to nap. You chewed the rungs of my dining room table and ate my shoes, but who could be mad at you when you came to me with that tail between your legs and a pitiful look on your face?

You were a gift to our family for the past 13 years and we enjoyed every minute of your time with us.


October 3rd, 2009

Here I sit at IzeaFest2009. I’ve used the time productively – while speakers are on, I’m in the background updating WordPress on my blogs and trying to fix the errors caused by updating WordPress on my blogs.

I’m also enjoying a girls weekend with Jennifer – we’ve got a very strict schedule of blogging, naps, dining out, and visiting bars. Last night was Ice Bar and tonight is Howl at the Moon. Tomorrow is a day at Sea World. It’s rough, but we’re managing!

nobody puts baby in a corner

September 14th, 2009

It was only a matter of time before we saw this headline:

Patrick Swayze, star of Dirty Dancing and Ghost, dead of pancreatic cancer at age 57.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to walk with my family in a 5k to raise money for pancreatic cancer research. Now, at the three breast cancer walks I’ve participated in, there are many survivors. In fact, during the closing ceremonies of the Komen 3 Day, the survivors come in at the end and stand in the center and all of the walkers applaud for them. At the pancreatic cancer walk, there was one survivor…maybe two? The disease often goes undetected for months, so that when it finally is discovered that someone has pancreatic cancer, it’s often too late to do anything. I knew that when Patrick Swayze was diagnosed that this wouldn’t end well, and frankly I’m surprised and amazed he hung in there this long.

I hope now that a celebrity from *my era* has given this disease such a public face that pancreatic cancer will begin to see the research dollars it so desperately needs to up the survival rate for this disease. If you’re interested in supporting a great cause, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network would be most appreciative of your time, talent, or monetary donations.

Rest in Peace Patrick.


September 12th, 2009

I’ve come pretty close to logging in here and posting an entry about the events of the past 2 weeks numerous times…but couldn’t put my heart into it. I’ll just say that losing a friend is tough at any age, but it is especially tough when that friend is young and so are you.

When I get sad, I love to escape to the magical world of television. People are usually dealing with more difficult situations and bigger problems in TV Land, and it’s a marvelous escape from reality – I highly recommend it. So over the past 2 weeks I’ve watched:

  • Watched Tropic Thunder. Hated it.
  • Watched Sense & Sensibility. Enjoyed it.
  • Currently watching Brokeback Mountain…for the 2nd time.
  • Watched every episode of Hung using HBO on Demand. Hooked.
  • Became engrossed in reruns of Magnum, P.I. and renewed my crush on Tom Selleck.
  • Enjoyed the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory for the 103rd time and wondered why we don’t eat more candy and where can I get an Oompa-Loompa?

Moving on now…better times, they are a comin’.